Betty Boop

Betty Boop Collection
As Official Betty Boop Licensee. We proudly present to you a range of highly collectible superbly crafted hand painted resin figurines.
Betty Boop made her first appearance on 9th August 1930 in the cartoon 'Dizzy Dishes' , as a canine cabaret singer. She was originally designed by animator Grim Natwick. Betty eventually became human in 1932 in 'Any Rags' , her floppy poodle ears became Hoop eareings & her black canine nose became a girl's button like nose.In individual cartoons she was called 'Nancy Lee' & 'Nan McGrew' usually as girlfriend to Bimbo.
Betty Boop became the star of Talkartoons by 1932 & was given her own series, from this point on she was coronated 'The Queen of the Animated Screen'.The last original cartoons were released in 1939, but she was never to completely disappear, appearing in tv specials, commercials & cameo appearsances.
'Betty Boop' merchandise has far outdistanced her exposure in films, with many not aware of her as a cinematic creation. |Much of this current merchandise features her in her more popular sexier form & has become popular worldwide once again. Today animation,s first leading lady remains a glamourous international icon, Over 80 years after her film debut. We proudly present to you our wonderful line of Betty Boop products