About us

Lisseters of Bicester was established by Dennis Lisseter after he was De-mobbed in Bicester from the RAF. He married a local girl; Ruby Dagley, whose father ran the local milk round and employed Dennis. While working for the dairy he got to know the local community and was known as "Ruby's nice young man", and as they got talking they would ask if Dennis knew anyone with various items of furniture for sale. It was due to knowing everyone in the community and establishing people with items for sale and customers who wanted to buy, that he started buying and selling furniture. This became such a success; what was a side line job became his career.
 In 1947 Dennis opened his first shop in Kings End, where the business remains today. Kings End first sold Antiques and second hand furniture, then introduced selling new furniture and beds. After the success of this, Dennis opened a second shop in 1965 located in the Market Square which remains today, ran by his daughter.
Following the completion of an apprenticeship in joinery and furniture craftmanship, Dennis's son; Michael Lisseter joined the business in 1970. As the business grew, Dennis's daughters joined in the following years after. 
Sadly. in the year 2000 Dennis passed away. The business was left to Dennis's Son and Daughters. After a short while of co-ownership they decided to dissolve the partnership - one daughter continued retail at the Market Square store which is now known as Bicester Bed Centre, one daughter pursued a career in caring, and the son Michael continues our Kings End furniture shop.  
In 2002 the Kings End store, known as Lisseters of Bicester, continued to expand with the employment of Micheal's wife Larraine. (Somebody had to bring the bussiness into the 21st Centuary and put the pencils away!)
In-keeping with the environmental concerns of today and since the employment of Michael and Larraine's son James, Lisseters of Bicester now hand-craft and retail both new and reclaimed bespoke furniture as well as the continuation of selling Beds, Antiques, Second Hand, New Pine/Oak Furniture that Dennis once began selling.
We like to think that Dennis would be proud of his family, the continuation of the businesses he established and the evolution and adaption in which the future generations have developed them.  
Dennis Lisseter in 1980 proudly standing with an antique secretaire bookcase that he bought from Tusmore Park Stately Home.