20kg bags of coal

20kg bag coal - multi purpose smokeless fuel
There's nothing quite like the look and warmth of a fire!
Whilst many of our customers are happy to burn just our wood, some prefer to add a bed of coal to the fire, which will increase the increase the intensity of the heat whilst also helping to reduce the burn rate of the wood. Multiheat is a quality smokeless fuel, and is primarily used for multifuel stoves. It has a consistent quality, produces high heat output coupled with low ash content, is long lasting, so provides excellent value for money and has low CO2 emissions.

Smokeless fuel is a type of solid fuel that does not produce smoke when burned. This makes smokeless fuel suitable for use in smoke-less zones, such as in London and other major cities where the Clean Air Act is in force.

Smokeless fuels can be burnt in a wide range of open fires and appliances including room heaters, multi purpose stoves, cookers and free standing boilers. Many of these appliances are multi fuel which means that both wood and solid fuel can be burnt in them.
Each type of smokeless fuel has its own characteristics but generally speaking these products give off up to a third more heat than house coal and last longer too, making a bag of smokeless coal a much more economical and efficient form of heating.
Smokeless fuels are kinder to the enironment than other winter fuel products as they release fewer carbon emission than house coal. They are also cleaner in your fireplace and leave little residual unburned fuel.
Only £9.99 for 20KG bag